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Topics of Discussion:

  • Why weddings are so draining

  • Learn how your energy creates success

  • Tips for protecting your energy with high demand clients


Speaker Biography:

Kara Ghassabeh is a life coach and bride + whisperer at Kara Maureen Bridal.  She also hosts the “Whispers to a Bride” podcast.  Kara helps brides gracefully navigate wedding drama so they can have stronger relationships with those who matter most.  She believes that weddings crystallize in our collective memories in a way that really shapes our family narratives.  Kara believes that the drama that weddings kick up is a gift if you know how to use it.


With a master’s in Social Work from University of Pennsylvania and Life Coaching Certification from Martha Beck Inc. (Oprah's Life Coach), Kara combined her passion for helping smart, savvy women with her childhood love of weddings to carve out her own category in the industry.  Based in Bethesda, Maryland with her husband Reza and daughters Magnolia and Rose, Kara serves clients all over the country.