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All Entrepreneurs must be salespeople.  No matter how much you value yourself, no one will value you if they don't understand what is unique that you can offer them.  We as business owners must be able to efficiently demonstrate to others why we are the best at what we do, what we have to offer, and why we should be trusted.  And because of the day and age we are in, we must do this quickly before interest and focus are lost!


How can you really explain to someone what makes you great, and how the whole summary of your experience and skills can be crammed into just a few sentences?!  Without practice, no skill can be fine-tuned.


Virginia will be organizing a social workshop to teach and counsel attendees on to the steps needed to increase confidence, create, and fine-tune each person's "elevator pitch”, and maximize their time and efforts at social / networking events.


Join the AWP workshop to:

  • Learn how to properly network,

  • Practice and fine-tune your networking skills, and

  • Learn to be confident enough to sell your BEST self MOST efficiently.

Virginia Perry brings energy and creativity to every social and business function attended.  With over 20 years of Hospitality experience, she can facilitate personal and business to business relationships, fundraising and public presentations for any demographic or event.


Virginia has designed, planned, and executed events for Hilton, Marriott and private clients in the DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland areas for 15 years.  She is the Owner and Chief designer of VP Consulting Event Design, and currently manages two Private Golf and Country Clubs for Club Corp full-time.


For six years, Virginia was the VP of Membership for her local Toastmasters Club, and performed in over 20 public speaking engagements, graduating to Advanced Communicator levels in the public speaking program, Toastmasters International.  Virginia is a natural networker; able to demonstrate the benefits of proper presentation, and the skill of executing efficient and effective speech composition to produce maximum impact.