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For over 25 years, the Association of Wedding Professionals of Greater Washington, DC (AWP) has been the community for kind creatives!  From novice entrepreneurs to industry veterans, our members are dedicated to curating an environment where people feel safe to learn, grow, and make lifelong friendships.


AWP is incredibly intentional about creating an atmosphere of compassion, collaboration, and community.  We pride ourselves on being an association that empowers our members to grow past their comfort zones.  We revel in encouraging one another to keep rising to the occasion despite inevitable setbacks.  We are open to sharing knowledge, skills, and even an extra set of hands to ensure members of the AWP family are positioned to run successful businesses.


Entrepreneurship is not a journey for the faint of heart—you MUST love it.  And providing services to couples in love consistently reminds us to tap into our heart-center for guidance and reassurance.  At the base of all that we do is love.  And it is upon that foundation that AWP fosters a space where members feel consciously cared for and connected.


Please take a moment to read the stories of success from some of our devoted AWP members.

Bialek's Music


Years in business: 42

"I belong to most of the events industry organizations in the area, but AWP is #1. The friendships, education, and genuine caring and appreciation for the well being of their members is 2nd to none. I am proud to be an Ambassador."

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Ray Bialek.png
Tiered & Petite


Years in business: 17

"Joining AWP has been one of the best decisions of my career. I have always been a proud solopreneur, but with AWP, I finally found MY people. Knowing I had a community of people to truly love and support me gave me the confidence to reopen my storefront dessert boutique! My beautiful business has grown exponentially since I started to participate with AWP. I am grateful for the genuine friendships I have made and I welcome the opportunity to expand with this amazing group of people."

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Arvin Photography

Arvin Eskandarnia

Years in business: 9

"I've had the most amazing experience at the AWP-DC events since I joined the association. I have found wonderful friends who are all amazing and talented wedding and event professionals from every niche, and it is inspiring to be around them. Every year we participate in a styled shoot competition where we get to form groups and work together, learn from one another, have fun, and show off our talents. If you are a wedding or event professional, I highly recommend joining this amazing group."

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Arvin Eskandarnia.jpg
Tori Del Photography


Years in business: 6

"I really enjoy being a part of AWP. This is the first community of wedding professionals that I really feel like I belong to. Everyone is welcoming, honest and willing/ready to uplift each other through this time. I appreciate that when COVID turned our worlds upside down, the AWP committee pivoted right along with it and continued to provide excellent virtual events! I am looking forward to what 2021 holds in store for all of us! ^_^"

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