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Stories of Success

Fingers in Ink


Years in business: 19

"Being a part of AWP has provided such an awesome wave of opportunities for me to grow personally and professionally.  The organization is a place for industry creatives to grow and learn.  As much as my vendor-friendship have grown, the wealth of knowledge that I have gained during my membership with AWP has been priceless.  I look forward to the GREAT things that AWP has in store for wedding professionals in the Greater Washington, DC area and beyond."

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Nicole Fingers.jpg
Creative Hair & Make-up Design by Perry


Years in business: 20+

"I was trying to remember how I even became introduced to the AWP group and for the life of me that scenario escapes me. However, for whatever reason it came to be, I’m extremely grateful because it’s enabled me to become better acquainted personally and socially with some amazing and talented people in the metro area. Being a member has also put a better understanding on just how individualized each of our talents really are to the wedding industry. The friendships and contacts that I’ve made through AWP have been invaluable to me personally and in my world of weddings!!!!"

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Perry Warren.jpg
Embrace Makeup Artistry


Years in business: 10

"I've loved being a part of AWP. I can be somewhat reserved when meeting new people but being in AWP has helped me to break out of that habit a bit. Surrounding myself with like minded business owners who were both welcoming and inspiring has been great. As much as I've wanted to sit in my little corner and do makeup, AWP members have seen me, heard me, and pulled me out onto spaces and stages that I wouldn't have sought after. I'm excited to be a part of this group and looking forward to bringing great things to the Washington bridal scene."

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Linda LJ Gyimah.jpg
Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast Inn


Years in business: 18

"Briar Patch B&B Inn in Middleburg, VA has been a member of AWP for many years. We always find their programs informative and fun. And the networking with this group is great."

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Ellen Goldberg.jpg
Cygnus Studio


Years in business: 9

"I love AWP for the people and the connections to so many different parts of the wedding and events industry. I have learned so much from everyone I've met in the last 3.5 years of being a part of this amazing group of people. The knowledge that is shared not only through conversation and collaboration but from the monthly events and COVID series Cocktails & Conversations has been invaluable to me in growing as an artist but also as a businesswoman."

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AshleyRae Swann.jpg
VP Consuling & Event Design


Years in business: 15

"Joining AWP has been one of the most beneficial opportunities ever offered to me. Not only has my network and my business grown, but I have learned so much more than I anticipated about our industry, my peers and about being a business owner. I will continue to look forward to growing within the organization and utilizing every connection given to expand my horizons... Thank you AWP!"

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Virginia Perry.jpg
Hercules Entertainment


Years in business: 8

"I signed up for the Association of Wedding Professionals of Greater Washington DC hoping to improve my business exposure…but I left with vastly more!


I learned how many wedding professionals there are within the AWP community with the same goals.  I was given an opportunity to present our services recently through their Live Session: Cocktails and Conversation, and I received a lot of positive feedback from the AWP leadership team!  I was made to feel very welcome into the association.


I’ve made many connections, and it has already open doors to collaborations within the community.  I can’t wait to see what else is in store from AWP, which I’m sure will further help grow my business.


Not only have AWP's presentations been both fun and informative, but Nicole and Sharia’s direct feedback for collaborating with fellow professionals was invaluable.  They had a calm and logical method of interviewing me through Cocktails and Conversations, which truly connected and inspired me.  I can’t speak highly enough about AWP and the leadership team."

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Will Sanchez.jpg
Eclectic Fete


Years in business: 6

"Being an active member of AWP has been game changing for me both personally and professionally. Forever the wallflower, AWP allowed me the space and security to grow out of my comfort zone. If you would have told me I'd be THIS active as a member when I initially joined, I would have laughed at you! This community has given me the space to test new ideas, find my voice, make lifelong friends, and do some really cool creative projects! I am so grateful to be a part of a community that cares. It's nice to be able to work with people you consider your family. Weddings were never THIS cool before AWP!"

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Sharia Barksdale.jpg
Grace & Virtue Events


Years in business: 2.5

"I have enjoyed being a member of AWP. I felt welcome and among friends from the first event I attended. I have grown as a business owner and personally from the educational programming and networking opportunities. I look forward to continuing to develop my AWP friendships and I'm thankful for the opportunity and the support."

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Kathryne Carter.jpg
UMBER Bride & Groom


Years in business: 7

"I love my AWP membership!  It is more than an opportunity to share, learn and network.  Over the past few years, AWP has sponsored various restaurants visits and venue/hotel tours, which provided venue and food options for my current and potential clients. My membership has led to long lasting relationships, client referrals, and collaborations, such as my first styled shoot two years ago.  It has been and is a great association membership experience that I suggest to all my event industry peers!"

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