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Welcome to AWP!


Welcome to the 
Association of Wedding Professionals of Greater Washington, DC!


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the 2024 AWP membership year! We, as a Board, are so excited to bring some amazing networking and educational events to you this year.


The best way to maximize your membership is by getting involved.


Here are some things to remember:

Join us on all social media platforms!

If you are not a member of our closed Facebook group for AWP, I invite you to join to learn more about opportunities to showcase your business and engage with fellow members. We also invite you to showcase the organization's membership logo on your social media platforms and/or website.


Thank you again for your membership! If you have any questions and/or concerns, don't hesitate to a member of the Board of Directors.

Let's make 2024 outstanding! 


Warmest Regards, 


The AWP Board of Directors



Membership Swag


Please click the following link to access your official membership material:

AWP Member Badge
You may right click on the image to save it, then apply anywhere you like
...such as your company website ;)


Getting to Know AWP


Want to know the ins and outs of how AWP membership works?!  Check out some key essentials of AWP membership below:

1) Your AWP membership is for one calendar year (January 1 - December 31).
You have twelve full months to get engaged before you must renew!

2) You must register and/or pay to attend all monthly meetings and special events.
You may come to as many or as few meetings/events as you desire!  If you join AWP as a group, each individual person on your staff must pay to attend the program.  Also note that there is always space to invite your favorite non-member friendor to attend—unless it is an AWP exclusive program!  Virtual meetings are FREE for all AWP members, but you must still register to attend!

3) AWP meetings are hosted monthly on Tuesdays; virtually on the 2nd Tuesday and in-person on the 4th Tuesday throughout the Washington, DC area.
Virtual AWP Meetings:  
Virtual meetings are designed to provide education and networking opportunities.  Recordings of virtual programs are stored on our AWP members portal for unlimited access.

In-person AWP meetings:  
In-person programs include networking, an educational component*, and food and beverage (*except for AWP social events which are all FUN).  We do ask that you inform of us any special dietary requests to ensure we can accommodate your needs.

4) AWP meetings are constantly ON THE MOVE!
In-person monthly meetings are hosted in venues across the DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia area and are typically in venues that host weddings and events.  Host venues are not always metro-accessible, but we do our best to select options that are.

5) AWP meeting times rotate based on the logistical needs of the program.

Most in-person AWP meetings take place during the evening hours.  However, we do host the occasional midday luncheon program.  The decision to host a midday meeting is based on the program, the availability of the host venue, local traffic patterns, and the distance from Washington, DC city center to the host venue.

Virtual programs typically always begin during the evening hours, with the occasional outlier based on speaker availability.

6) In-person AWP meetings are typically three (3) hours in length; virtual programs are one (1) hour.
In-person AWP meetings begin with registration check-in and member networking.  At the conclusion of the pre-event networking session, attendees experience a speaker presentation while dining on a two-course meal.  At the end of the presentation, the speaker will field any questions, attendees will have dessert, and additional networking ensues until attendees depart.

To maximize your AWP benefits, it is highly recommended that members get engaged!  From running for a Board position, joining a committee, writing a blog post, networking, hosting an educational class, sponsoring a meeting, or even promoting your business endeavors, the BEST way to capitalize on the resources provided by AWP are for you to use them!

8) Submit content to our digital publication: The Aisle Runner!
Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge, build your professional network, and earn more exposure in our industry.  AWP will publish member-submitted content with the following requirements:
     1) topic must be wedding related;
     2) have at least three (3) photos to accompany the submission; and
     3) give photo credit to the photographer.
The AWP Board will be selecting topics on a first come-first topic basis (if you submit an entry on the same topic as another person, we will request another entry topic). Please submit your entries to AWP via the link here.

9) Promote your events!
AWP is HAPPY to share what you are working on with your business to our greater community! Please email your entries to

The full AWP Membership List is listed here! Feel free to connect with other AWP members at your leisure.

11) Sponsor a Meeting! 
Promote your business and show off your skills by sponsoring an AWP meeting. Sponsors receive free business promotion for the month of the event and complimentary meeting registration!! Email for more information on upcoming sponsorship opportunities.

12) Monthly Member Spotlight!
AWP has dedicated a unique honor to its members by highlighting those who have made a major impact on the greater DC wedding community or in AWP. Check out our monthly Member Spotlight recipient here and bask in some AWP member excellence!

13) Not seeing a subject you like?!  Request it!
Desire to gain insight on a specific topic?  Know of an amazing speaker that the AWP community would love?  Are you a speaker that feels your subject matter could benefit AWP members?  Feel free to speak with a member of the AWP Board of Directors about a topic of interest to you or even about presenting to our members!

14) Your membership is what YOU make it!
We are an open and affirming organization; and we always desire to hear your ideas on how to improve AWP and create new ways to engage with our membership!  Contact your favorite AWP Board Member to let your voice be heard!




Let's Get Social

Here are ALL of the ways to engage with AWP:



Private Facebook Group:

AWP Membership List:


Social Media




AWP LinkedIn Page:

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