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I absolutely love being a wedding DJ.  Every DJ will tell you that they got into the business for the love of music, but more than music, I love being a wedding DJ, specifically, because it affords me to do what I was placed on the earth to do; provide service in love to others. I love to see other happy and the wedding business is one of the best businesses to elicit smiles, lasting memories, family and friend reunion, and ultimately, LOVE.

As a wedding DJ, we play a pivotal part in a couple's big day. We often get to wear many hats. In addition to being music programmer for the wedding soundtrack, we are the M.C., unofficial day of coordinator, and lighting technician. The DJ-M.C. "Quarterbacks" the wedding in conjunction with the coordinator (if there is one) to ensure all vendors are in place before making announcement or proceeding with timeline events.

Weddings bring people together from near and far in the name of love and support for the union of a couple.  Over the years, couples have told me time and time again that the most memorable moments of their wedding was the feelings of nostalgia brough on from hearing music from when they first met, or seeing their grandparents "bust a move" on the dance floor.   As a DJ, the best part for me is seeing the crowd reaction when a "banger" is "dropped on the one" or a mix is blended seamlessly.  Hands go in the air and a sea of WHOOAAA is heard as smiling faces dance harder and harder.  This is evidence that attendees are having a great time and my service is appreciated.  Not many other professions can offer the professional instant praise and gratification, than being a wedding DJ.  I was a police office and probation agent before I was a wedding DJ.  In those roles, I got to see the some of the worst parts of humanity.  Now, as a wedding DJ, I get to see the best parts of humanity, all while still serving my community.

J. Muse Entertainment

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Waldorf, Maryland 20601

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