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  • Cindie Reinhold of VP Consulting


Updated: Jan 13, 2021

This morning I spent some time curating images of a recent wedding I helped coordinate for VP Consulting. While looking through those lovely photos and remembering my role as a day-of coordinator, it struck me why I love the wedding industry so much.

Quite simply, I love making magic.

I once read that magic is desire made real. To be able to interpret someone’s desire, bring it to reality, then see the happy response to it – that’s magic!

My personality type works well for creating wedding day magic. Wedding pros are people pleasers, they’re creative and being a bit on the OCD side is actually a cherished skill set. Depending on your point of view, God or the Devil is in the details. And when all those details successfully come together, the client has a memory-making experience. Desire is made real.

For me, the best part of working a wedding is when I can pause for a moment, step back, and take it all in. See the lights and the smiles, hear the music and the laughter, feel the warmth. It makes me happy to see our clients and their families truly enjoy the wedding because we’ve taken the work, the details, and most importantly, the stress off their shoulders.

This is truly the art of hospitality, it’s truly magic and it’s why I love the wedding industry.

Photo credit to Photos by Rodney Bailey

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